Our History

WHY: Up until 1986 the only livestock sale available for the kids to participate in was the North Eastern Livestock Sale, located in Green Bay. There were a group of about 6-8 buyers that would travel to Green Bay in order to participate in the sale, not only did they bid for themselves but also for a handful of other people who were unable to attend during the week as they were businessmen with business hours to keep.

A group of Sevastopol parents & community members wanted to come up with an idea that would enable more buyers to not only participate in the sale, but also physically attend the sale.

HOW: They started their quest for ideas by contacting Manitowoc County who had recently broken away from the North Eastern Livestock Sale to start their own program.

Most of the Door County QMAS rules and original structure was borrowed from Manitowoc County.

WHO: With tons of support and plenty of opposition, The Sevastopol FFA Alumni was able to assist in the first sale as well as provide a loan for the funds needed to hold the sale.

Huge credit and thanks for creating and launching this program goes to The Sevastopol FFA Alumni, The Door County Fair and The Fair Board, The Door County Parks Department and The Door County Board, just to name a few. Without those people serving on those committees at that time, the current sale may not exist as it is today.

WHEN: The first Door County Quality Market Animal Sale was held on Saturday night of the Door County Fair in 1986, and has been held on that night ever since.

OTHER POINTS OF INTEREST: Southern Door joined in the program a few years later.

During the programs infancy the only species allowed in the sale were 20 steers, 20 lambs and 40 hogs. That rule changed a few years later when the number of animals entered began to reach these limits along with the growing support of participating buyers.

Small animals were added later.

Our History

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