Door County Quality Market Animal Sale

We are a non-profit organized in Door County, WI, that promotes the education of 4H and FFA with livestock projects.


Participants in the Quality Market Animal Sale choose one or several animals to exhibit at the Door County Fair. Exhibitors may choose from small animals (such as turkeys, chickens, and rabbits) to larger animals (like swine, lambs, or steers). These animals will then be eligible to sell at the county fair if certain prerequisites are met. 

What to Expect

  • Experience the in and outs of an agricultural business

  • Learn more about projects with engaging presentations

  • Get help from other exhibitors

  • Sell your project during the Door County Fair


Important Files


Get Involved

Future Exhibitors:

To get more details about the program. Request a call or send an email. We will get back to you as quickly as possible to answer any further questions. A mandatory meeting is required to get involved this year, however we will ensure you are able to join us for the 2018 fair.

Current Exhibitors: 

Ensure you have attended all of your required meetings. Check out our Facebook page and share your progress with us! Also send us your feedback with comments, questions, or ideas to grow our program. 


Exhibitor Feedback

How's your project going? Let us know by posting on our Facebook page or send us a message with the following form. Also, send us pictures of your project to share the progress you're making on your project!

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